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    Short program including visits to the ancient Ephesus city and Artemis Temple...

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    Includes extra highlights such as Virgin Mary House and St. John Basilica...

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    Visits of the Ephesus ruins and the House of Virgin Mary being a sacred place...

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    Visit the Ephesus city and the Basilica of St. John located over his burial place...

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Sightseeing in Ephesus - Ephesus Brothel

A peristyle house on the corner of Curetes Street and the Marble Road is known as a brothel, Sightseeing in Ephesus - Ephesus Brothel, Ephesus Tour, Ephesus Guide, Ephesus Reservationbecause in the excavations, a statue of Priapus with an oversize phallus was found in this house. The statue is now presented in Ephesus Museum, Selcuk. Of Egyptian origin, Bes was not the god of the brothel, but the protector of everything associated with motherhood and childbearing.

The construction of the building dates to the Trajan period (98-117 A.D.) It has two entrances, one from the Curetes Street and one from the Marble Road. On the latter, an etched footprint in the marble famously shows the way to the Brothel.

The house has a hall on the first floor, and there are number of small rooms on the second floor. The rooms of the ground floor, one of which has a stone bed, were built around a small atrium. On the west side of the house Sightseeing in Ephesus - Ephesus Brothel, Ephesus Tour, Ephesus Guide, Ephesus Reservationthere is a reception area with colored mosaics on the floor, symbolizing the four seasons.

The personified figures of Winter (with head covered) and Autumn (with a garland of flowers) are still well preserved. The chamber next to it is the bath of the house with an elliptical pool. On the floor of the pool, there is a mosaic describing three women eating and drinking, onewaitress standing, a mouse and a cat nibbling crumbs.

The Roman latrine of Ephesus dated from the 1st cntury was rather advanced and civilized for its time. It was constructed over a channel with an uninterrupted flow of water and the toilet seats, formed by cutting holes into marble benches lining among the walls; the latrines were covered by a roof.

The rest of the large room was open to the sky, and had an impluvium (a sunken pool for catching rainwater) in the center. The floor was covered with mosaics.


Turkey is the best place for visiting historical places :

Turkey is rich with the historical places: Didyma, Priene, Milet, Aphrodisias, Pergamon and certainly Ephesus plays a huge role among them. Ephesus is called one of the seven world wonders. We recommend for every one coming to Turkey to visit Ephesus and its surroundings: the temple of Artemis, the Seven Sleepers cave, St. John Basilica, The House of Virgin Mary, not because of its magnificence but also because of its importance for the Christian, Jewish, Catholics and other religions in the world .

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